Enduring God’s Love For Us

As believers, we must have stamina, endure pain, and press forward in faith regardless of the obstacles put before us.

I don’t know about you, but being a good Christian isn’t all beer and skittles. That’s largely because of Sin, which is a pain in the butt. Thanks to Jesus, when we sincerely ask for God’s forgiveness, we are forgiven, but it doesn’t end there. In my experience, God wants to do more for us, in large part because He expects more from us.

In other words, His love for us means He wants our faith in Him to grow, which helps us grow, but that often means there’s going to be a lot of growing pains.

I titled my blog Enduring God, because that’s what living a life of faith requires. As believers, we must have stamina to endure the pain of life in order to carry our cross over the obstacles put before us. Those obstacles are not all due to God, but manifest from our own weaknesses and flaws, as well as from a secular world that wants to beat us down at every turn.

Moreover, to truly understand our character (the person we are when no one is around), we must be tested to see how we endure and respond to crisis and heartache. It’s in those moments of anxiety and uncertainty that we come face-to-face with our true character, which can be considered a Blessing for those of us endeavoring to be better Christians.

That’s not to say, when we experience a loss of a loved one, lose our job, or get diagnosed with a fatal disease that we rejoice in blissful song and ignore these realities. Unfortunately, for many of us, when we endure the hardest tests and most painful experiences, we turn from God when we should be seeking his comforting Spirit. Many simply ask “Why is this happening to me?”.

My blog is about inspiring readers to have the courage to endure the hard times, while finding meaning, so that you can become stronger in faith in both God and in yourself.

Through God anything is possible. Don’t shortchange your faith in Him, because He is there with profound love and compassion for His children. I look forward to sharing many experiences and tips on how to grow in faith and bring glory to our Lord, while gaining more purpose in our day-to-day lives.